We offer an unmatched experience in Marbella

Kokoro Soul Bar was born out of the love for a profession of its four partners. The four decided to embark on an exciting and risky project. A different concept to the ones established in the area. With a groundbreaking and modern design, more similar to bars found in bigger cities.

The project is based on a Japanese life philosophy called KOKORO. This philosophy requires you to put all your being into performing any act. This is why its four pillars are fundamental:

The Spirit, The Soul, The Mind and The Heart.

This philosophy is captured completely in any corner, in the attention shown to the guest and in the service offered. Every detail is marked by it.

In Kokoro you will find anything from a simple beer (with more than 18 types), through a menu of signature cocktails and of course more than 250 varieties of the best spirits. All this, to accompany one of the best hamburger restaurants in Marbella.